Your advantages with HR & Administration Network?

  • We differentiate our service through our:
Guarantee of Success.
Building on a solid and mutual confidence based on a long term partnership is a condition for a successful collaboration. HR & Administration Network gives clients a guaranteed period, unique in the recruitment sector, to make sure the people we place are good and successful in the client’s organization.
Flexibility in finding a Solution.
In fact, our goal is to offer you the best solutions that match with your recruitment procedures and needs.
Large Network motivated by Reward.
Our team members within HR & Administration Network have developed within their careers their specific network in their vertical market to present you candidates you wouldn’t find anywhere else.
We also motivate our network to provide names of people matching the profiles we are looking for, by giving them a reward (bonus) when one of those people presented, is hired by our clients.
Several different Vertical Markets for a better Specialization and a larger Service.
Our experienced consultants are expert in their selecting candidates with suitable profiles.
Professional and experienced recruiters for a better quality Service.
Our consultants are seniors with several years experience in recruitment.
The service we offer is efficient and of a high quality. Our teams are 100 % dedicated to find out the best profiles in a minimum schedule time frame to maximize our customer satisfaction.
Proximity for a close follow-up.
Whether you are a multi-national, a smaller regional or local organization, we stay close to our clients by meeting them so as understand better the philosophy of their company and their needs.